Private Cloud Implementation Services

Private Cloud implementation prepares a secure IT infrastructure to run software applications that boost the efficiency of your business.


Private Cloud Computing provisions a dedicated environment with secured and flexible computing resources on-demand. Connectivity is usually via the internet, with data transmission encrypted via site to site VPN or SSL VPN. This protects your valuable data from malicious prying eyes on the public internet.

Accrets’ private cloud implementation:


Preparation of computing resources

Setup virtual servers, storage, network and resources specific to the architecture required for your business application

Secure computing resources

We recommend and typically setup your IT infrastructure behind firewall, exposing only required services to public internet.


Protect connections

For connections between your user sites and our cloud data center, we typically secure via site to site VPN over internet
Other options such as leased circuits, MPLS network, SDWAN can also be deployed.

Basic Support

We setup standard up-down monitoring of the IT infrastructure implemented for you.  We encourage you to take up our Managed Backup Services to protect data residing on your system.

Preparation for Managed Services (Optional)

Getting ready to support you with services such as Operating System Management, Database Management, Network Management of the IT Infrastructure that you host at private cloud.


Accrets’ Private Cloud implementation offers the trustworthy control which users seek, by ensuring that our service meets your criteria for security, service level, as well as compliance requirements of your business. Furthermore, Accrets’ private cloud implementation allows enterprise and the owner of the application to use the infrastructure as a service without any concerns on the complexity of servers, storage and network.

With the Accrets Private Cloud implementation, you will enjoy:


Secured IT infrastructure

protect security of your business data, as the IT resources are single tenanted solely for your organization’s use. We host the private cloud environments in our tier 3 Data Centers, ensuring operation resilience to support your business.


Managed Services option to support ongoing operations

Access to expertise skill set of monitoring and managing your private cloud implementation



No upfront hardware investments, pay only for what you use, pay based on a monthly subscription.

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