Managed Private Cloud Services


At Accrets International, we know that having a robust IT system is paramount to your business. That’s why Accrets provides Managed Private Cloud Services. This means we operate your Private Cloud Infrastructure.

As part of Accrets’ IT Infrastructure Managed Services, we care for various aspects of your Cloud infrastructure, and that include your servers, your network and your storage. We are the experts in IT, and we know how to manage your IT system so you will have a peace of mind knowing full well it is running at full operational efficiency.


Because Accrets International’s Cloud Management Experts take care of your IT system, you can concentrate on what you do best – your core business. This means you can focus your resources on the important stuff – be it making sales, manufacturing, or developing life-saving equipment – Accrets International is here to support you.

Why you should choose Accrets’ Managed Private Cloud Services:

24/7 Monitoring of your IT System

As part of our Infrastructure Managed Services, we provide round the clock care for your private cloud environment. Faults or IT system breakdowns would be detected and swiftly dealt with.

Data Backup

Data on your IT systems is backup up regularly to ensure there are contingency copies, should there ever be a need to restore earlier versions.


Data Security

Your business data is vital to the operations of your business, and Accrets understands that. In order to protect your data, only authorised personnel are allowed physical access to processing equipment and data storage. Also, your IT firmware and software are updated periodically to address vulnerability issues.

Periodic Reports

Accrets knows managing your Private Cloud Infrastructure means you would like us to assure your IT system is running fine. That’s why we provide periodic standard reports to let you know your IT infrastructure is up and running fine. On top of that, we would advise any need for changes to your IT infrastructure to keep it up-to-date.

Constantly Prepared for an IT Breakdown

Accrets is always prepared for unforeseen IT breakdowns because we believe in contingencies. For businesses with a heavy reliance on IT, any downtime can be potentially crippling. Our add-on IT Disaster Recovery Service helps to set up a secondary operation site, and conduct recovery exercises periodically.

Escorted Access to our Hosting Environment

For businesses with regulatory requirements for their hosting services, our Managed Services team also provides escort access to the hosting environment should hosting services require auditing.

Cost Effectiveness

Because your personnel are not bogged down by maintaining your own IT infrastructure, Accrets’ Managed Cloud Services is the cost-effective solution for your business.

Application Managed Services

Beyond our Infrastructure Managed Services, we offer Application Managed Services for selected software applications, ensuring your applications work smoothly.

With the increased use of applications in this digital world, and with applications taking on more and more essential tasks, tasks like financial services, applications need to be maintained in tip-top condition. That’s why we provide the Application Managed Service to perform software maintenance, tuning and periodic upgrading, because we know how vital it is to ensure your applications are always bug-free.

Managed OpenStack Private Clouds

OpenStack is an open-source cloud computing infrastructure software. What this means is that OpenStack is highly customisable to your needs. What we offer is Managed OpenStack Private Clouds, which means you get the benefits of OpenStack Private Cloud – benefits such as a specific customisation for your organisation at a cost-effective price, and reliability. On top of that, you’ll have your customised OpenStack Private Cloud, managed by us, the experts.

Easy Communication

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