Private Cloud Solutions

Both private cloud solutions and public cloud hosting provide users with access to application, information and data online. Users are able to get and share their information from any place, anywhere.
With cloud computing, no matter where the users are, they will be able to access their cloud and continue working or sharing of information. On top of that, private cloud solutions are extremely cost effective, as there is no hardware cost to invest in (no more worries of hardware upgrading and maintenance) making it an incredible option for your enterprise.
At Accrets International, you get to enjoy diverse private cloud solutions including private cloud hosting of sensitive business data and single tenanted SAP hosting. Our team of dedicated experts will work with you to understand your requirements and optimise a solution unique to your organisation.

Our range of Private Cloud Solutions include:

Private Cloud Hosting Services

Providing you the IT Infrastructure resources to run your critical business applications in our cloud environment


Private Cloud Migration Services

Helping you move any existing business applications on your premises or physical hardware to our cloud environment

Private Cloud Implementation Services

 Setting up a new set of private computing resources to host your business applications in our tier 3 cloud data center


Managed Private Cloud

Assisting you to perform daily monitoring and support of your IT Infrastructure hosted at our cloud, so you can concentrate on running your business.