OpenStack Cloud Platform Demo

Accrets’ OpenStack Cloud Platform provides a Self-Service Portal where authorized users with be able to configure IT resources to accelerate development activities while maintaining policy-based control.

It allows Centralized Management of VMs, containers and serverless across all deployed environments.

Use below demo accounts to access and test drive Accrets’ Private Cloud Infrastructure.


User : Project1admin

Password : Appr0ved

Please note that these accounts may be used by anyone interested to try out our infrastructure.

Information uploaded is visible to anyone. (So please avoid uploading any sensitive data)

We may also delete any information or resources created at any time

Refer to the following Quick Start Guide to start trying out our OpenStack Cloud Platform Demo environment.

If you will like to test in a dedicated environment for a longer period of trial, please email us at with your request.


For any questions/support enquiries related to the demo, please email us at